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HannsCare Solution

With real-time remote monitoring and tracking, HannsCare ensures your business keeps moving.

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Our Solution
A wiser Tomorrow

In order to improve the problems encountered by factories and companies during the epidemic, we started to design a solution. In recent years, HannStar has had a wealth of health wear resources. We started to use AIoT to connect hardware and designed a low threshold and universal solution. It helps customers to reduce operational losses during the manpower crunch and improve overall performance during routine periods.


All Features Designed for Your Staff

The functions of Hannscare solutions are designed to keep the safety and health of the employees and prevent accidents so that employees can go to work with peace of mind.

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Access Control

The smartwatch can work as an ID card, so there is no need to carry an ID card with you; just wear the Hannscare smartwatch, and it will track all your movements inside the premise.

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Health Overview

The central management platform provides an easy overview of the health status. If the temperature is too high or the oxygen level is too low, it will be highlighted.

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SOS System

The SOS button is a smart button that lets you call for help with the simple click of a button. It allows users to instantly alert the administrator in dangerous situations – no matter where they are – keeping them safe and secure.

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Broadcast System

Let your employees know about their schedule, meetings, and events directly on their watch! Send messages in groups or to selected individuals, with just a few taps on your dashboard.

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Area Management

With smart tracking and message alert, manage area segregation easily, avoid unnecessary employee contact and reduce the risk of contagious diseases.

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Contact Control

In case of any epidemic, the Hannscare solution enables administrators to track the source of infections, identify all those who have been in contact with it, and quarantine them quickly. 

Features & Health
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Prevent people from health issues

During an epidemic, body temperature and blood oxygen are important indicators of personal health, an alert will be issued automatically if any abnormality is seen in employee health data. Early detection allows administrators to give employees a break and implement a timely isolation policy.

Entry and exit made easy

Just give a Hannscare smartwatch to your visitors and employees and it will track their health vitals, movement, and duration of stay inside your property. Now forget the ID cards, Hannscare smartwatch is the new way to manage entry and exit in your premises.

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Directly break the chain of infection

Through the functions of contact management and area control, we can identify the source of infection in a short period of time and enforce area control to quickly break the chain of infection. This helps prevent the spread of infection, minimize patient mortality rate, and save lives.

AIOT & Spec
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Central Management System

Users can view all the collected information through the CMS dashboard, review various analysis reports and send text messages to the users' watch.


The gateway receives information from the smartwatch, and all the information is sent back to the administrator.

Smart Watch

The smartwatch can detect various physiological data, including blood oxygen, body temperature, heart rate, and movement status.


Beacons can send location signals to a smartwatch, allowing it to track user location, no matter where the user goes inside your premises.

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Product Spec

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HannsCare Smart Watch


Central Management System


Mr. Mosby

From A Firm

" Taking care of employee health is always our number one priority. Hannscare has helped us detect any abnormalities before they can lead to something worse.


With this smartwatch, we are able to keep all the personnel healthy and detect potential health risks ahead of time so that we can take steps to quarantine the person and help them recover fast. "


HannsCare is not just for manufacturing plan

Hannscare solution is not just for big factories and offices! Under the same framework, our solutions can also be applied to different locations, be it an old-age home, postpartum care, quarantine hotels and many more.

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Elderly Care

Clinical Care

Quarantine Center

  • Is there any customization available for the product and the platform?
    Yes, customization can be assessed based on your specific requirements.
  • Can I pair the smartwatch with other hardware platform?
    At present the smartwatch can be paired with Hannscare system only but in future we will introduce
  • I want to use it in some different locations, is it possible?"
    Yes, the solution can be used in different locations, we can assess the way you want to use it.
  • Is it covered by warranty and after-sales service?
    Our solution is covered by warranty and after-sales service, please contact us for more.
  • What is the charging frequency of the smartwatch?
    3-4 days under normal use, charging takes 3 hours.
  • Does beacon needs charging?
    Beacon uses coin cell so no charging is needed, under normal use coin cells can work up to 3 years.
  • What is the coverage of beacon?
    Coverage radius for one beacon is 10 meters.
  • Does gateway needs charging?
    Gateway is plugged to a power source so charging is not needed.
  • What is the coverage of gateway?
    50 meters coverage radius.
  • How many beacons does a gateway can connect with?
    Gateways scans information sent by nearest beacons there is no linking between them, so there is no such limit.
  • How many smartwatches does a beacon can connect with?
    User smartwatch fetches nearest beacon data and then communicate to gateway so there is no such limit.
  • Are the gateways interconnected?
    Gateways are not interconnected and each unit acts separately.
  • How safe is the platform?
    We use https encryption for data safety.


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